PT Tura Consulting Indonesia is an integrated mining and energy consultant which born to bring the excellent services in geological, mining, processing and refining, economic and policy, including strategic financing, investment, and management.

Team Portfolio

Exploration and Mining Activity

  • Coal Resources-Reserves Report JORC 2012 at Sinarmas Mining
  • Tin Project Valuation and Feasibility Study at Dalea Group
  • Due Diligence of PT Uci Jaya at PT Satria Bahana Sarana
  • Due Diligence of PT Mofatama Energy at PT Satria Bahana Sarana
  • Iron Ore Exploration (Pre-development) at PT Mandiri Agung Jaya Utama

Mining and Energy Policy

  • Evaluation of 2019 Coal Domestic Market Obligation Target at Bappenas
  • Policy Evaluation of LPG Subsidy at Bappenas
  • Renewable Energy Potential Mapping at Bappenas
  • Integration Planning of Renewable Energy and Industrial Sector at Bappenas
  • Background Study of RPJMN 2020–2024 at Bappenas
  • Mineral Value Added Policy and Public Relation Strategy at PT Antam Tbk

Strategic Financing Investment and Management

  • Mine Operation and Management Improvement at PT Satria Bahana Sarana
  • Strategic Financing Analysis at PT Satria Bahana Sarana
  • Coal Supply Chain Optimization at Coal Mining Company
  • Valuation and Appraisal of Coal Mining Company Acquisition at PT PLN Batubara
  • Coal Trading Management at Trafigura
  • Gold Market Research at Gold Mining Company

Smelter Feasibility Study

  • Nickel Pig Iron Smelter Plant at PT Teka Mining Resources
  • Ferronickel Luppen Smelter Plant at PT Sinar Jaya Sultra Utama
  • Hydrometallurgy Nickel Extraction Plant at PT Adhi Kartiko Utama
  • Zinc Smelter Plant at PT Kobar Lamandau Mineral
  • Iron Sand Processing Plant at PT Sumber Baya Prima
  • New Ironmaking and Steelmaking Plant at PT BW Baja Indonesia
  • Nickel Pig Iron Smelter Plant at PT Kinlin Nickel Industry Indonesia
  • New Ironmaking and Steelmaking Plant at PT United Tractors
  • Basic Engineering Study Update for New Copper Smelter at PT Nusantara Smelting Corporation

Plant Commissioning and Modification

  • Iron Sand Concentrating Plant at PT Jogja Magasa Iron and PT Ithikhara
  • Copper Concentrating Plant at PT Magna Solusi Asia
  • Iron Sand Processing Plant at PT Sumber Baja Prima
  • Pb-Zn Concentrating Plant at PT Galena Maju Karya Mandiri


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