Exploration and Feasibility Study

We aim to deliver guidance for our client in making investment decision to their mining project, by taking them step by step in target generation (detail mapping, sampling, geophysical/geochemical, and preliminary metallurgy), target testing (scout drilling, delineation drilling, and conceptual feasibility study), target evaluation (resource drilling, geotechnical drilling including metallurgy and laboratory test, and preliminary feasibility study), and feasibility study (FS and Environmental Impact Assessment or AMDAL). Reinforced by experts with years of practical experience in mining industry, we sought to provide the best assessment including the risk associated, in order to give our client, the realistic and achievable mining project outcomes.

Resources Modeling and Estimation

Our team extensive experience in developing and reviewing geological models for most commodities and type of deposit will ensure our client resource estimations are completed with the ultimate accuracy and reliability. The classification and reporting of resources estimations would be in accordance with the accepted and internationally recognized guidelines, KCMI Code and JORC Code.

Reserves Estimation, in collaboration with Mining Team

Our team takes account of all the realistically assumed modifying factors, i.e. mining, metallurgical, economic, marketing, legal, environment, social and governmental factor to justify the reserves estimation, the economically mineable part of a measured and/or indicated mineral resources. Reserves estimation complied with KCMI Code and JORC Code principles, is our bottom line.

Technical Review and Audit of Resources and Reserves Estimation

Technical Review and Audit of Resources and Reserves Estimation

Mine Planning and Scheduling

Mine planning and scheduling are mandatory steps in mining industry recently in order to plan and ensure the mining target achievement, that take account of mining practicality and profitability.

We are committed to ascertain the best possible and reliable option to our client in the field of open pit mine planning and mine scheduling. We offer comprehensive pit design, waste dump design, mine closure design as well as mine optimization and scheduling from any given time frame (short, medium and long term). Our client profit maximization is in the heart of our services.

Due Diligence and Desk Study

Mining industry is known as a 'high risk, high return' business. Therefore we understand that Due Diligence and Desk Study Practice are needed in order to minimize the future risk for the mining investors and stakeholders.

Due Diligence is an investigation process on a potential mining project. While Desk Study is an evaluation activity of a mining company based on secondary data. In these sub-services, we conduct a project assessment and risk identification within technical, economical and legal aspect. Based on the result, we deliver recommendation for decision making process.

Geotechnical Engineering

Due to its close connection with mine safety concern, we offer a complete assessment of geotechnical condition which consist of some steps.

  • Geotechnical data collection and examination.
  • Rock mass classification system assessment.
  • Geotechnical mapping.
  • Formulation of geotechnical parameter for mine design purposes.
  • Slope stability analysis.
  • Other geotechnical services.

Drilling and Blasting Analysis

Drilling and blasting is an essential part of the mining operation to break the rock as core support to effective and efficient material excavation. Poor practices in blasting such as improper drill and blast design or excessive use of explosives at a mine site can cause in damages to the rock structure and stability, increased mining cost, or damages to the nearby environment.

To support our client’s effective and efficient drilling and blasting activities, we offer complete analysis and evaluation in drill and blasting practises.

  • Site specifics drill and blast design process, metrics and audits.
  • Bulk explosive selection, trials, measurement and reporting.
  • Initiation design included initiation system trials, measurement and reporting.
  • Blast management plan.
  • Blasting result analysis and optimization such as airblast and vibration optimization, flyrock and and blast exclusion zones technical evaluations.

Processing and Refining Concept, Design, Management, Documentation, and Implementation on Specific Site Facility Requirement

There are numerous mineral characteristics which unique in different locations. In order to support our clients in selecting technology and factory design, we are committed to provide a process design that matches with raw material characteristics as well as validating it to achieve the nearest commercial scale technology selection and factory design.

Technology and Plant Design

The technology chosen is based on several things such as the characteristics of the raw materials, the products to be produced, infrastructure, and so on. Given the basic design constructed from selected metallurgical and technological studies, the plant design can be made better and tailored to the characteristics of the raw materials.

Risk Management and Financial Analysis

The risk analysis of smelter development project is important to to map potential risks, so a set of anticipation strategies can pe prepared earlier. In addition, the financial analysis based on parameters such as IRR, NPV, Payback Period, and sensitivity analysis are necessary to be conducted to assess project’s economic feasibility.

Project Development

Several steps should be taken to reduce risks and prevent the failure of smelter project implementation.

  • Scoping study, preliminary study to analyze the initial prospective of a smelter project based on secondary data (desk study).
  • Pre-feasibility study, the initial feasibility study of a selected smelter project using more detailed data than scoping study.
  • Feasibility study, detailed feasibility study of a selected smelter project using primary data from both metallurgical test and equipment specification as well as price from vendors. Commonly, this study intended to deliver a bankable feasibility study.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL), similar with other factory projects, Indonesia law and regulation obligate the investor to conduct AMDAL study before project implementation. This study will cover all of environmental aspect in smelter project.
  • Basic engineering design, the basic design is required by EPC and equipment vendors to build smelter plants. We have a competent expert and partners who are experienced in project development of several smelter factories.

Project Management

Constructing a smelter is a large process. Some stages that should be conducted before the smelter can be operated comercially are as follow:

  • Project development.
  • Project legality.
  • Financial closing.
  • Project implementation (EPC and Commissioning).
  • Commercial production.

We are ready to assist our client in monitoring every step of the way for the smelter plant to be built, operating properly, and providing optimal benefits for factory owners, communities and governments as stakeholders of the smelter industry.

Plant Management, Operation and Maintenance

We offer an excellent service in this field which will be run by competent manpower and partners who are experienced in the operation, maintenance and management of smelter factories either during commissioning or commercial operations.

Mining Policy

A suitable mining policy is the objective for both government and mining investor to achieve the optimum benefit for both parties. Therefore, apart from mining industry, the government is also our key client. We understand that in generating mining policy and regulation, the considerations of technical, economic, social, environmental, legal, and political frameworks are the inseparable aspect. Supported by expert team in each of those areas, we offer to provide mine policy research, analysis and review, either in whole policy or partially in terms of politics, legal, technical, economic, social and environmental area.

Coal and Mineral Economics

Coal and mineral economics is a branch of economics study which focuses on economics and policy issues in the coal, minerals, metals and mining industries. It would give understanding of economic, social, environmental and political implications of natural resources. We support our client to analyze economics issues related to mining industries, such as mineral market analysis, exploration and development, resource availability, market development, price formulation, international trade and commodity supply chain analysis.

Government and Public Relation

Complying to the laws and regulations and maintaining good relation with the public are important factors in succeeding mining business. In developing and operating a mining project, companies have several responsibilities to the government such as licensing and reporting. We support our clients to process their licenses, reports and other obligations to the government.

We also deliver consultancy service to maintain a good stakeholder relationship by constructing a proper public relation strategy and programs, both conventional or social media method by sophisticated information technology system.

Energy Economics and Policy

Energy Economics is the field that studies the utilization of energy resources and energy commodities and its consequences, while Energy Policy is the manner of a government to address issues of energy development and management including energy production, distribution, and consumption. As integration from mining and extraction industries, energy resource management and optimization take important roles in sustainable development, especially the optimization of non- renewable energy resources and renewable energy resources.

We endeavor to support many studies and researches related to energy economics & policy such as analysis of energy demand, energy supply, energy price, energy resources optimization, and energy commodities substitution, especially for depletable energy resources as the transition to renewable energy resources as well as environmental issues of energy uses. Supported by various experts from energy sectors, we are confident to support related stakeholders to achieve the optimal use and management of energy resource commodities.

Strategic Financing Analysis

Mining and energy industry is the capital-intensive business, which exposed to high risks with many uncertainty factors. In early stage of the industry development, huge investment is needed to climb onto next stage to enter more profitable business ecosystem. Before determining the best financing scheme, an analysis of current financial condition of the company is required. In addition, a comprehensive financial analysis from technical point of view is also important to be conducted. Then, a more precise financial impact from each available financing schemes could be projected so that the best financing scenario could be chosen.

We have a complete team which consists of financial experts, investment analysts, technical and legal expert, who are proven in presenting complete analysis from geology and exploration, mining, metallurgy and even policy aspects. As a result, a comprehensive strategic financing analysis could be delivered to our client to maintain the financing and investment activities going well in order to achieve maximized value of their mining and energy enterprises.

Mining Economic Project Evaluation and Appraisal

In assessing an economic feasibility of a mining project, a comprehensive mine investment project evaluation is important. Our experienced experts are ready to give a realistic economic feasibility evaluation using modern tools.

Apart from that, mining company valuation (appraisal) is also important due to each mining concession has the unique characteristic and commodities which will require different approaches from other companies. We support our client to assess mining project investment, contact (property) and company (shares) valuations using standardized valuation framework and signed by our certified appraiser team.

Mining and Trading Management

Effective and efficient mine operation is a key success factor of a mining project. Our team will provide consultancy service to analyze, to review and to build of operation management, manpower management, cost efficiency, productivity assessment and other issues related to mining management and strategy.

Commodity trading is also mining industry support to succeed the buying-selling mining commodity. We provide the services related to the trading management from mining possibility to contract evaluation.

Operation and Management Improvement

One of possible risk in an ongoing mining business operation is the volatility of mining commodity prices. Hence, to achieve and maintain the acceptable profit margin, the mining operation need to be conducted effectively and efficiently based on good mining practice principles. Since there are many stakeholders and roles were involved in mining operation, an excellent mining management is also essential.

Our team who has experience in national and international mining operation and familiar with operation management framework-tools are competent to solve any related issues to improve mining operation and business performance. Moreover, with support from our partner company PT Tura Teknologi Informasi, we are provenly capable to deliver the operation and management monitoring system which specially tailored for specific condition in each mining to maintain and improve operation and management in the future.