Mining and Metals Investment Advisory

Mining and Metals Investment Advisory

Metal and mineral commodities has been taken an important role in many aspects of modern life, as well as answering the needs of current trends and future generation needs. One of current trends is a growing demand of materials to support green economics development. Indonesia as one of country with abundant and varies metal and mineral deposits has been taken a strategic role in supporting global commodities supply chain and trade. In order to discover, develop and exploit it responsibly to give the most benefit to stakeholders, any mine development projects should be conducted optimally and accordingly to best practices in geology and mining as well as comply to current applicable regulation and policies. Besides, any risks and changes should be addressed optimally in an comprehensive financial and investment analysis to maintain project profitability. Consisted of various principal and experts in geology, mining, metallurgy, policy, finance, strategic business management and stakeholder relations, our team are ready to advise and assist you to develop your prospects, optimize investment and financing decisions, and grow your projects to be a sustainable metal and mineral business.


PT PLN Batubara

  • Valuation and Appraisal Review of Coal Mining Company Acquisition

A Coal Mining Company in Indonesia

  • Coal Mining Company Group’s Asset Management
  • Coal Supply Chain Optimization

An Iron Ore Mining Company in Australia

  • Iron Ore Mine Portfolio for Initial Coin Offering

Pertamina (Persero)

  • Develop, Customize, Upgrading Cascading KPI System

Undisclosed Gold Mining Company

  • Gold Market Research

PLN Pusenlis

  • Business Process Re-engineering

PT Thriveni

  • Mining Business Development Assistance

PT Satria Bahana Sarana

  • Coal Mining Contractor Tariff Evaluation
  • Strategic Financing Analysis
  • Economic Feasibility Analysis of Coal Mining Projects

PT Victor Dua Tiga Mega

  • Mine Management Assistance
  • HR Management Assistance

PT Teka Mining Resources

  • Financial Projection and Optimization Modelling for Nickel Smelter Project

Trafigura Pte Ltd

  • Coal Trading Management