Service Explanation

Mining industry is known as a ‘high risk, high return’ business. Therefore, we understand that Due Diligence and Desk Study Practice are needed in order to minimize the future risk for the mining investors and stakeholders. Due Diligence is an investigation process on a potential mining project. While Desk Study is an evaluation activity of a mining company based on secondary data. In these sub-services, we conduct a project assessment and risk identification within technical, economical and legal aspect. Based on the result, we deliver recommendation for decision making process.

1. Scoping / desktop study
2. Due diligence report

Duration: + 2 months


Scoping / desktop study

• Conduct site visits, sampling, and laboratory test (when necessary) • Data collection and literature study • Conduct legal review, technical (geological and preliminary exploration), and database review • Evaluate operational and existing infrastructure (in case brown field) • Evaluate modifying factors that related to mining development • General technical assessment of geology, mining, infrastructure, economics, and risk analysis and mitigation plans • General techno-economic study

Due diligence

• Select the mining prospects that will be obtained • Communicate with respected contacts and provide study results about prospective mines • Conduct additional literature review • Provide key administrative information and brief economical evaluation of prospective mines • Manage prospective mines database