Service Explanation

Our team takes account of all the realistically assumed modifying factors, i.e. mining, metallurgical, economic, marketing, legal, environment, social and governmental factor to justify the reserves estimation, the economically mineable part of a measured and/or indicated mineral resources. Reserves estimation complied with KCMI Code and JORC Code principles, is our bottom line.


1. Reserve statement report based on KCMI 2017 / JORC 2012 
2. KCMI 2017 / JORC 2012 Reserves Audit/Review Report
3. Pre- feasibility study report based on KCMI / JORC according to Resource and Reserve report

Duration: + 4 months



Reserves statement reporting based on KCMI / JORC

• Overview of Resources Statement • Modifying Factor Assessment (Pre-Feasibility Study) - LOM Mine Planning, Optimization, Sequencing & Scheduling - Mine Operations & Material Handling - Mine Infrastructures overview - Mine Environmental, Safety & Health overview - Mine Community Development & HR/Organization overview - Marketing & Economic Feasibility Evaluation • Reserves estimation • Report preparation

Audit/Review of KCMI / JORC Reserve report

• Overview of Reserves Statement • Modifying Factor Assessment • Reserves evaluation • Report preparation

Pre- feasibility study report based on KCMI / JORC Resource and Reserve report