Service Explanation

Several steps should be taken to reduce risks and prevent the failure of smelter project implementation. We offer an excellent service in this field which will be run by competent team and partners who are experienced in the operation, maintenance and management of smelter factories either during commissioning or commercial operations.


1. Scoping study report
2. Pre-feasibility study of plant (smelter) document report
3. Detail Engineering Design (DED) document


1.Scoping study: ± 2 months
2. Feasibilty study: ± 4 months


Scoping study

Our service offers scoping study that includes sufficient work to perform a detail enough study and analysis to present initial information regarding product yields and quality, notional project costs, and rough utilities requirements to make a sound financial assessment for the plant (smelter) development. The study is sufficiently enough to satisfy your needs so that you will be also introduced the process scheme of plant development phase without negating the study findings as well as change the notional costs significantly.

Feasibility study

This study provides more detail study than the former one (scoping study) prior to start development phase. The process scheme of the plant development as well as detail cost estimation for plant development will be covered, therefore you will be well informed about the financial requirements, final equipment and Detail Engineering Design (DED). In other words, this study utilized more detailed data than the scoping study to identify all essential process scheme for the plant development, processing & refining concept of the plant, equipment required, engineering work, management, timeline, project implementation, commercial, legality, financial model, and likelihood of unscheduled outages.