Service Explanation

Geotechnical, hydrology and hydrogeology aspect are important things that must be considered related to technical, economic, environmental and safety issues. The potentially hazardous nature requires the application of geotechnical engineering practice to mine design and general operating procedures, to allow safe and economic mining of any commodity within any failure. A large amount of water may flow into the mining operation area, which may then affect heavy equipment performance, workplace conditions, and productivity of mine, amongst other factors. This service provides a guidance and supervise the geotechnical, hydrology and hydrogeological survey activities. Our team also manages to transfer the understanding thoroughly regarding good survey practice, deliver strategies and recommendation, and more importantly, to comply with applicable standard. We also affiliate with drilling services companies and laboratories to meet a broad spectrum of geotechnical needs.


1. Geotechnical, 
2. hydrology and hydrogeology 
3. study report

Duration: + 3 months


Geotechnical field works and study

• Total Station • Geotechnical drill hole work plan • Core handling and sampling • Physical & mechanical properties lab test* (e.g. hardness, specific gravity, permeability, porosity, sonic velocity, UCS, direct shear strength, etc.) • Conduct geotechnical drilling supervision / training • Geotechnical analysis and model simulation (i.e. safety factor) • Design recommendation

Hydrology – hydrogeology field work and study

• Observe existing morphology and hydrology condition • Hydrology-Hydrogeology supervision / training • Hydrology-hydrogeology survey & data collection (e.g. Climatology, hydrometric activity, slug test, river mapping, V notch weir, in-situ permeability test, infiltration test, etc.) • Analysis, modelling, and recommendation (e.g. surface water catchment and watershed, statistical analysis, rainfall distribution and intensity analysis, identify hydrostratigraphy, hydrograph, water quality analysis, drainage system recommendation, etc.)