Energy and Policy Services

Energy and Policy Services

Mining and Energy Policy plays a significant role in determining not only the current, but also the future, of mining and energy business. Due to the importance of this field, the involvement of competent experts from various fields are needed in mining policy and regulation generation in order to ensure the consideration of technical, economical, social, environmental, legal, and political aspects. TURA is offering mining and energy policy service to various mining and energy policy related organizations, ranging from the Indonesia government to international organizations, such as World Bank and ASEAN Centre for Energy.


Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Kemaritiman Republik Indonesia

  • National Mining and Energy Strategic Project Monitoring 2017

Kementerian Perindustrian Republik Indonesia

  • Preparation of RIPIN 2015 - 2035 (Industrial Development Plan Policy)

ASEAN Centre for Energy

  • ASEAN Energy Database Analysis

Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional (Bappenas)

  • Background Study of RPJMN 2020–2024
  • Integration Planning of Renewable Energy and Industrial Sector
  • Evaluation of 2019 Coal Domestic Market Obligation Target
  • Renewable Energy Potential Mapping
  • Policy Evaluation of LPG Subsidy

Kementerian Energi dan Sumber Daya Mineral Republik Indonesia

  • Preparation of National Coal and Mineral Policy

The World Bank

  • Transformation to Low-Carbon Economy: Development of Renewable Energy Industrial System in Indonesia; the Role of Extractive Industry

PT Antam (Persero)

  • Mineral Value Added Policy & Public Relation Strategy