Service Explanation

This service offers a topographical survey that consists of collecting data in the field to deliver a representation at the desired scale in the form of a topographical map. Clients can use topographic surveys to determine and plan features such as drainage ditches, grading, or other features, using the natural landscape as the basis for such improvements. Basically, the service aims to undertake basic mapping of selected prospective areas within geologically endowed regions.


Topography survey report:
•  topography map and contour plot 
•  softcopy data (ArcGis /ArcVIEW or AutoCad Map, Geotiff, PDF),
•  documentation

Duration: Depend on the area size and method chosen


Terrestrial method (ground survey mapping)

Innstrument: • Total station, • Waterpass, • Drone, • Theodolite, • Measuring stick, and • Other essential equipment

Photogrammetry & aerial method

Instrument: • Drone UAV • Benchmark / control point • Other essential equipment