Service Explanation

Mining and energy industry are the capital-intensive business, which exposed to high risks with many uncertainty factors. In early stage of the industry development, huge investment is needed to climb onto next stage to enter more profitable business ecosystem. Before determining the best financing scheme, an analysis of current financial condition of the company is required. In addition, a comprehensive financial analysis from technical point of view is also important to be conducted. Then, a more precise financial impact from each available financing schemes could be projected so that the best financing scenario could be chosen. We have a complete team which consists of financial experts, investment analysts, technical and legal expert, who are proven in presenting complete analysis from geology and exploration, mining, metallurgy and even policy aspects. As a result, a comprehensive strategic financing analysis could be delivered to our client to maintain the financing and investment activities going well in order to achieve maximized value of their mining and energy enterprises.

Deliverables: Investment analysis simulation, Financing simulation,  Strategic Investment & Financing report

Duration: -+ 3 months or refer to given data and scope


- Collecting data and information - Conduct investment funding strategies study - Provides calculation of the payback period - Provides calculations regarding the potential loss & benefit opportunity both technically and financially - Provide the most optimal funding strategy recommendations (in the form of funding schemes and required capital injections)