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PT Tura Consulting Indonesia an integrated mining consultant which is established to deliver various consultancy services in geology & mining, processing-refining, energy & mining policy, strategic management, and mining & metals investment advisory.

Geology and Mining Services
In the current global mining business circumstance, resource and reserve data accuracy is a must for every business transaction as well as government reporting obligation. In order to fulfill such requisite, our technical team and the Competent Person will assist clients in resources and reserves estimation with the internationally recognized guidelines, KCMI Code 2017 and JORC Code 2012 Mining is a unique business, mainly due to its natural uncertainty associated with various technical factors such as the presence of different ore types, natural variability in orebody geometry and grade, etc coupled with economic factors such as volatility of commodity prices. These make the growing importance of technical and economic assessment in mining compare to other business in terms of minimizing risks
Metallurgy Services
Metallurgy is another important field in coal and mineral business. It comprises some specific metallurgical works such as processing, refining, and so on. Since this field is mainly related to processing plant or smelter development, a huge amount of capital is needed to support and maintain this business. However due to complex processes taken place in the operation, many metallurgical companies could not perform well, either from technical or economical sides. Therefore, TURA comes with metallurgical consulting services to assist metallurgical companies in running their business smoothly.
Energy and Policy Services
Mining and Energy Policy plays a significant role in determining not only the current, but also the future, of mining and energy business. Due to the importance of this field, the involvement of competent experts from various fields are needed in mining policy and regulation generation in order to ensure the consideration of technical, economical, social, environmental, legal, and political aspects. TURA is offering mining and energy policy service to various mining and energy policy related organizations, ranging from the Indonesia government to international organizations, such as World Bank and ASEAN Centre for Energy.
Strategic Management Services
In this challenging era, a strategic management approach to mining and energy business has taken crucial part to ensure the business survivability, profitability and sustainability. Business in mining and energy sectors need a huge amount of capital, not only in the operation stage, but also since the preparation stage long before the mining operation commenced. There are many challenges and risks to mining and energy business such as geological (nature) risk, technological risk, policy risk, socio-environmental risk and market risk which affects the commodity’s price volatility. To answer and manage those risks and challenges, TURA offers strategic management services to many organizations, including but limited to companies in mining and energy sector.
Mining and Metals Investment Advisory
Metal and mineral commodities has been taken an important role in many aspects of modern life, as well as answering the needs of current trends and future generation needs. One of current trends is a growing demand of materials to support green economics development. Indonesia as one of country with abundant and varies metal and mineral deposits has been taken a strategic role in supporting global commodities supply chain and trade. In order to discover, develop and exploit it responsibly to give the most benefit to stakeholders, any mine development projects should be conducted optimally and accordingly to best practices in geology and mining as well as comply to current applicable regulation and policies. Besides, any risks and changes should be addressed optimally in an comprehensive financial and investment analysis to maintain project profitability. Consisted of various principal and experts in geology, mining, metallurgy, policy, finance, strategic business management and stakeholder relations, our team are ready to advise and assist you to develop your prospects, optimize investment and financing decisions, and grow your projects to be a sustainable metal and mineral business.