Service Explanation

Human Resources is known as a “complicated” area. Many problem will be arise if company not handled properly. Compensation & benefit, employee layoffs, and failure during recruitment process will raised many problem in the next time. Our expert will help you to reduce high risk in employee management. We offer a service that supporting your companies to manage Human Resources area, starting from recruitment management, organization development, employee assessment, people development, industrial relations, and human resources information system. Besides, we also offer assistances in external relations management and community development matters.

Deliverables: HR Management Assistance progress report and final report

Duration: Depend on analytical framework and given scope


- Collecting data and information - Problem mapping in human resources area - Organization development - Recruitment management - Performance management - People development - Industrial relations - Termination management - Personnel management - Develop Human Resources Information System (based on ERP) to integrating your business process - Assistance on employment license from government - External relations management - Community development