Service Explanation

Due to capital intensive characteristics of mining industry, it is important that the risks is being minimized using a set of assessment and studies. In order to minimize investment decision risk, a set of staging of prospect study and evaluation is required such as desk study and comprehensive due diligence (in legal, technical and financial aspect) as part of investment feasibility assessment. One of challenges faced by many mining business practitioner and investors is to map and assess the potential prospects. Completed by experts from the field of geology, mining, metallurgy and finance, our team is ready to assist your investment analysis and prospect finding activities (with respect to a defined prospect specification / target) as well as comprehensive due diligence to ensure the selection of most optimal and profitable prospect as basis for your investment decision making.

Deliverables: Database of potential prospect and Due Diligence report


Due Delligence = -+ 3 months
Others = Depend on scope and target


1. Mine Prospect Finding Assistance, focus on: - Target Generation - Reconnaissance and Regional Geology Assessment - Prospect Finding & Database Construction based on Target Prospect - Regular Database Update - Recommendation of potential prospect selection 2. Comprehensive Due Diligence, focus on: - Data Collection (primary) - Data Verification and Validation - Site Visit & Site Audits - Legal Due Diligence - Technical Due Diligence (geology, exploration,resource reserve, FS review) - Finance Due Diligence & economic feasibility - Cooperation scheme simulation analysis - Investment decision recommendation