Service Explanation

Tura Consulting Indonesia operates using a combination of independent blasting engineer, association of specialised D&B expert, associate consultants, and dedicated employed staff. Our aim is to help you in achieving the effectiveness of production activities through subsequent drill and blast activities in the most cost-effective, efficient, and safe manner.


1. D&B report comprising model, analysis, design, evaluation, control, documentation, and recommendation to implement D&B activities best practice
2. Pre-feasibility report of D&B

Duration: + 6 months subject to contract extension


D&B analysis & problem solving:

• Improvement initiatives for design, implementation, and control of D&B • Damage control in blasting through Instrumentation and Process Monitoring • Blast Optimization to provide potential cost reduction savings by using specialised techniques as follow: - Measurement, modelling, and fragmentation to analyze wear and tear on machinery and to match rock size with the processing equipment; - Vibration, air blast monitoring, and flyrock modelling to certify compliance with statutory or site ground vibration and air overpressures limits; - Analysis and review of perimeter control to ensure that blast damage, overbreak and ground support is kept to a minimum; and - A dilution study to maximise production by examining blast sequencing and selective digging techniques

D&B pre-feasibility study

Focus on providing key information that allows dimensioning the requirements of the Mine regarding investment decisions and operating costs in relation to the impact fragmentation resulting from blasting (such as productivity of loader, fill factor on trucks, cycle times, etc.) without losing sight of the importance to achieve a sustainable mine design in correspond to geotechnical recommendation. The study that will be developed are summarized as follow: • Data collection & analysis for information base; • Technical analysis for: D&B designs plan, and modelling for fragmentation prediction; • Dimensioning of Equipment. • Economic Assessment