Metallurgy Services

Metallurgy Services

Metallurgy is another important field in coal and mineral business. It comprises some specific metallurgical works such as processing, refining, and so on. Since this field is mainly related to processing plant or smelter development, a huge amount of capital is needed to support and maintain this business. However due to complex processes taken place in the operation, many metallurgical companies could not perform well, either from technical or economical sides. Therefore, TURA comes with metallurgical consulting services to assist metallurgical companies in running their business smoothly.


PT Kobar Lamandau Mineral

  • Zinc Smelter Plant

PT Teka Mining Resources

  • Nickel Pig Iron Smelter Plant

PT Sinar Jaya Sultra Utama

  • Ferronickel Luppen Smelter Plant

PT Cicatih

  • Limestone Processing Plant Review

PT ZJG Resources Technology Indonesia

  • Coal Upgrading Plant

Undisclosed Copper Mine Company

  • Tailing Utilization for Environmental Preservation

PT Fajar Bhakti Lintas Nusantara

  • RKEF Nickel Smelter

PT Antam Niterra Haltim

  • Nickel Pig Iron Smelter Plant

PT Adhi Kartiko Pratama

  • Design Hydrometallurgy Nickel Extraction Plant

PT Sumber Baja Prima

  • Iron Sand Processing Plant

PT BW Baja Indonesia

  • New Ironmaking and Steelmaking Plant

PT Kinlin Nickel Industry Indonesia

  • Nickel Pig Iron Smelter Plant

PT Gag Nikel

  • Ferronickel Smelter Plant

PT United Tractors

  • New Ironmaking and Steelmaking Plant

PT Nusantara Smelting Corporation

  • Update Basic Engineering Study for New Copper Smelter

PT Jogja Magasa Iron

  • Iron Sand Concentrating Plant

PT Magna Solusi Asia

  • Copper Concentrating Plant