Greeting from Our Founder & CEO

Welcome everyone,

I am the Founder and CEO of Tura Group, Ir. Resvani, M.B.A.

I am delighted to introduce Tura Consulting as part of integrated mining and energy consulting services in Indonesia.

Tura Consulting is a part of Tura Group and also in affiliation with Tura Teknologi Informasi. Tura consulting has an enormous journey and grows along with TURA Group. Since starting this company, it has become clearly that while the mining industry remains an attractive sector, it is entering a period of significant change bringing both challenges and opportunities.  

As a professional consulting firm in Indonesia, our commitment is to support sustainable growth of Indonesia mining, intermediate and downstream industry as a whole, especially our emphasis to deliver excellent services with transparency and integrity. Therefore, it is also our purpose to assist government and private industries in optimizing mining roles as a prime mover for sustainable development and also optimizing the used of critical minerals that are considered as significant for future development of renewable technology and energy security.

Align with our vision: Become an Indonesian Mining & Energy Center of Excellence, Tura Consulting always perform its excellent consulting services based on our expertise in Geology, Mining, Metallurgy, Energy, Strategic Management and Financing, including Policy Consultancy services.

Our leadership culture is to drive professionality, integrity, and solidarity as our foundation in maintaining our value to stay productive and be able in helping people to do more. Therefore, our team are consistently implementing continuous improvement in human capital, technology, and services performance. Also, our dedication to conduct research in energy sectors, perform good corporate governance, strengthen relation and to be synergized with the stakeholders are part of our fundamental principles in running the company. .

We believe that our client and our business will benefit whenever we deliver a better client experience because we strongly believe that value can’t always be monetized - it is beyond the price.

Despite the global fast-changing transition of future market and highly competitive environment among mining & energy industries, TURA Consulting will grow into an outstanding leader of mining & energy consulting with increasing brand values and create added value as professional consulting company based on core value and experienced knowledge.

Tura Group has provided technology and consulting services mainly to the geo-mining sector, and currently, we are growing our group to achieve our vision to become the most valuable corporation as an Integrated Mining & Energy business ecosystem. 

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